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Wedding Workshop

Participated an outdoor wedding workshop in Austria organized by Ákos Erdélyi and Zsuzsanna Zentay photographers in 2018 spring. Here I am sharing some of my favorite photos. See contributor list at the end of the section

Friend's Wedding

In early 2018 my friend, Attila, approached me to be his and his love, Ildi’s wedding photographer. He said he does not trust other photographers… Uhm, what to say? Sure, I am happy to be! At that time I was transitioning from Nikon to Fuji and was hesitating which gear to use. Tried both ways by doing some lighting and posing setup and taking test shots about my wife/kids for 2-3 hours long sessions and finally decided to go Fuji for the wedding. Considered Nikon to be too heavy to carry on for 12+ hours (2 cameras with lenses on a double strap on my shoulders) and lenses remained were not fast enough for the job (think about photographing the party with disco lights only), further, dslr Nikon just did not fit to my hands anymore. Actually, to that time I was really used to work with the MILC Fuji, enjoying its superb ergonomics, user friendly design and little weight, also, had a couple of fast premium Fuji lenses to pull into job. 

Had a cca. 13 hs photography session with them on the BIG DAY in 2018 summer. Was hanging 2 Fuji cameras with attached lenses and flash on me, plus 4 lenses on belt. Filled 6 pieces of 16 GB cards and used 4 batteries, almost 2000 shots taken thru the creative, ceremony and the party session. Was one of the best party and greatest experience in my life, I really enjoyed! Let me share some of my favorite photos here.

Gear used:

  • two Fujifilm X-T20 camera body hanging on modified (enhanced) Focus double straps
  • Fujinon lenses: 10-24/4, 16/1.4, 18-55/2.8-4, 56/1.2, 90/2, 55-200/3.5-4.8 protected by Matin neoprene pouches worn on camel leather belt
  • Godox flashes: TT350F, TT685F, Xpro-F trigger, AD-200 on light stand using 40 inch white shoot thru umbrella
  • 180*120 cm oval 5in1 reflector, Fuji and third party batteries, sandisc SD cards, sanyo enelope AA batteries

The Fuji RAW files were converted with Iridient X-Transformer and processed with Adobe Lightroom